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  • Contracts & Agreements
    Contracts & Agreements

    Contracts & Agreements

    Get it right from the start with robust employment contracts and agreements for sub-contractors.

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  • Annual Subscription
    Annual Subscription

    Annual Subscription

    Get full access to your support team and Pitstop HR’s bank of template letters. We’ll help you tailor them to your business.

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  • Staff Handbooks
    Staff Handbooks

    Staff Handbooks

    Protect your employees and your business and avoid costly disputes. Get Pitstop HR’s staff handbook.

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Our bundles

  • Want it all (and want it now) bundle

    Want it all (and want it now) bundle

    Contracts & Agreements + Yearly Subscription + Staff Handbook

    Know what you need?

    Know you need our contracts and our handbook and recognise the benefit of amazing on-going HR support service?

    Then our “Want it all, Want it now” package is for you. You have a choice of paying all in one go or we can spread the cost over monthly payments. This is the perfect way for you to budget your investment in your business.

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  • Problem solver bundle

    Problem solver bundle

    You've got an immediate need for HR advice and a problem to solve. It might be an employee off sick and you are not sure what to do, or a difficult decision like having to consider letting someone go. Or an employee might have lodged a grievance that has left you confused about what you need to do. You don't think you need a retainer and you just want our help straight away to advise and assist.

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